1. Insurance cover

The rental car comes with an included comprehensive insurance (incl. 3rd party cover) with a maximum excess of ZAR 4000 and ZAR 5000 for driver under the age of 25 years. For Hyundai i10 models the excess is R 5000 and for driver under 25 it is ZAR 6000.  The insurance covers accidents, damages, break ins, theft and 3rd party damages. The maximum excess for glass is R 1500 per incident and for tyres replacement value.
It does not cover accidents which occur under the influence of alcohol over the allowed legal limit.South Africa does not apply the concept of compulsory 3rd party damage insurance, like most other countries in the world. This can lead to situations where someone caused an accident who is not insured and who cannot pay for the damages. In these circumstances the renter of the car takes over this risk ( spread of risk) and will be liable for those damages up to the stipulated excess. The 3rd party liablity cover is up tp ZAR 5 Millon.

2. Free km /Territorial use radius

The ULF rental car comes with free km but with teritorial use limit. The territorial use of the vehicle is limited to a radius of 200 km around Cape Town Convention Centre. The Garden Route is outside that radius! Outside this radius one will lose insurance cover and you will be liable for all damages. (200 km = about 125 miles). Even tough we offer free km, we have a fair use policy of maxium 3000km per month. A breach of the fair use policy will be charged with R 2,50 per km.

For business use we will work on a special kilomter offer

For ZAR 1000/ month the use radius can be extended to 750 km.

3. Minimum age / driving experiences

We do not rent to customers under the age 21. Nobody under the age of 21 is allowed to drive our cars.

The renter needs to have the driver's license at the commencement of the rental for at least 2 years.

No learner's are allowed to drive the car.

4. Payments

All rental fees up to 6 weeks are payable upfront. For rentals longer than 6 weeks monthly payments can be arranged. All quoted prices are cash prices. It can be paid in cash, with national or international bank transfer (EFT),or with credit or debit card (+5% surcharge) . Additional driver can be added for a once off fee of ZAR 150 per driver. For currency convertion we use the updated daily Oanda ATM exchange rate.

Payment of traffic fines: We charge ZAR 150 as a handling fee per traffic fine, for NAG fines with compulsory court appearance we charge a handling fee ZAR 1500 per fine. (extremly fast driving with more than 30km/h than allowed).

The actual traffic fine is not included in the handling fee.

5. Security Deposit

The renter can lodge the security deposit of ZAR 4000 / ZAR 5000/ ZAR 6000 with credit card or with EFT . For the VW Citi Golf and Hyundai Atos the security deposit is R 4000 and R 5000 for driver under the age of 25 years. For Hyundai i10 models the security deposit is ZAR 5000 and for driver under 25 it is ZAR 6000. The amount ( ZAR 4000/ ZAR 5000/ZAR 6000) will be pre-authorised/blocked for the duration of the rental agreement + window period of four month thereafter.( for outstanding speeding fines). You cannot preauthorise on a debit card. If you only have a debited card the entire amount needs to be debited.

6. Pickup and return of the rental vehicle

The rental vehicle needs to be collected and returned, if not stipulated otherwise, at 116 Kloof Street in Gardens. We work on appointment only and pickup and return times must be arranged beforehand. Standard pickup time is 12pm or later. If the car needs to be collected before 12pm special arrangements need to  be made and agreed on.. The rental car needs to be returned by 12pm on the return date. We do not offer any airport services, but we can arrange an airport shuttle service with a reputable company. The car needs to be returned refuelled and in a clean (inside and outside ) condition. If the car was returned uncleaned we charge R 100 as a cleaning fee. Costs for the removal of massive stains on seats etc are charged seperatly. For refuelling we charge the fuel price + R 50 refuelling fee.

In Johannesburg we deliver the vehicles to the renter within a 20km radius of Sandton City. Due to security concerns we do not enter all Johannesburg areas.

7. Booking deposit

For a confirmed booking we will require a booking deposit of ZAR 1000. Payment of the booking deposit will be possible via credit card or bank transfer. For credit card payments we will send a PayFast payment link. The 5% surcharge for credit card payment is not applicable for the booking deposit.

8. Cancellation/ Notice

All bookings can be cancelled 30 days before the commencement of the rental agreement. The cancellation fee will be ZAR 250. At short notice cancellations, shorter than 30days, the booking deposit will not be refunded. Rental agreements, which are longer than one month, can be cancelled with one month notice.

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